Vacation Annual Leave

Annual leave is the same as vacation when an employer promotes a certain amount of time off dependent upon the amount of service and another term that it can be called is annual leave.

All workers need time off to address family and psychological issues. The employee that is unhappy due to family issues has the same problem concerning psychological issues such as being burnt out. Every worker need some down time to address his or her mental well being. Most of the time it is not always about taking time off because it could be about diminishing the intensity of the work environment or the individual worker work schedule. Taking off from work can address such issues such as evaluating real estate listings to find a home or attending to the children such as taking them to the Doctor. The policy lanquage about annual should be such as:

Annual/Vacation Leave Full-time employees will accrue paid annual/vacation leave according to the following schedule:

1 thru 3 years…………………………….Two Weeks

4 thru 10 years ………………………….Three Weeks

11 or more years………………………….Four Weeks

For purposes of determining an employee’s length of service for annual leave, the first day of employment becomes the effective Anniversary Date. Although the employee begin to earn leave from the first day of employment, he/she may not use it until he/she has worked for the company for sex (6) months.

Part-time employees working less than thirty-two (32) hours per week, temporary Employees may not carry over more than 80 hours of accrued annualleave beyond the end of a calendar year. Any annualleave in excess of 80 hours, that has not been used, will be lost.

Workers should be emphatic about taking advantage of certain benefits and vacation should be high on the list. Also this is an evaluation factor of rating the supervisor. The language above should also be incorporated into any policy or strategic management objective such as do you introduce workers as part time in order to decrease cost or do you give employees the benefit to encourage them into becoming full time.

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