Wind Energy

Wind energy is conceivable when one measures the damages that a hurricane or tornado have caused.

However the challenge is converting that power into a form of energy such as electricity. Wind energy is not a form of energy that has recently been developed because it has been used for boating and farming for ages. Wind power only big problem is that it is not always present.

Only if the power of a hurricane or tornado can be harnessed to be converted into an energy source and stored the world would have enough energy because between 80 to 100 hurricanes, tropical cyclones and typhoons develop through out the world. A hurricane builds as it moves across the ocean sucking in warm, moist air and dispensing cool air aloft.

Hurricanes can have wind speeds greater than 74 miles per hour, but an f5 tornado can have wind speeds as high as 300 miles, Tornados develop in warm moist air in advance of eastward moving cold fronts. However there are as many 800 of these storms that are reported in the United States alone.

These kind of natural forces or simply wind alone can be used to integrate with turbines for conversion into electricity, the use of windmills for mechanical power or the use of wind pumps for water pumping or drainage or sails to propel ships. There exist farms that may have as many as 100 wind turbines that are connected to electric power transmissions. Some wind farms are offshore where there is an abundance of wind. Wind energy has been used for as many as 5,500 years. This is some of the points that President Obama was attempting to make in his campaign for President. Also Vice President Al Gore along with many environmentalist see wind power as a method to solve many of the climate problems.

On the continent of China as much as half of the wind technology was added during 2010 in comparison with the rest of the world. This form of energy is an alternative to fossil fuel. Wind power consumes no fuel and emits no air pollution.

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