The world has struggled so hard to achieve the power to vote and it is disheartening to see such rights as realestate shrink away for a good cause. My right to protest is equal to my right for democracy on all issues. The tactics of disenfranchisement are being exploited to provide better protection to the Homosexual Community.

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The Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution did not intend for the electorate to vote for the first President. Even White males who did not own property were not allowed to be apart of democracy. The earliest form of democracy in the country were the power elite. It is mistakenly thought that only African Americans and females were denied their preference for leadership in America. There have been many struggles to gain the right to vote.

The discrimination of any segment of the Homosexual community because of their sexual orientation is unacceptable, but do the means justify the end result. Also are White males who are given certain advantages because of their race are really exploited because they decide to communicate their sexual preference to their employer who is presently discriminating against females and African American females and males.

Even though Thomas Jefferson who argued that American citizens have the right to dissent and don’t be confused because his concern was the continued protection of slavery through out the United States which began de facto segregation in realestate patterns. If one study Somerset Case in England it could easily be deduced that the American Revolution was in part fought because of slavery.

The tactics of voter disenfranchisement are being used to provide better protection to the Homosexual Community in the United States. These tactics have occurred in the following political and social practices. If I was organizing the African American in regards to obtaining the legal right to qualify for certain high echelon employment with in corporate America, I would not attempt try to bring about change in a manner that would take away the same right from other social economic groups. Even though it is legally correct to legislate but there is this belief that any public form of democracy on this issue is not morally correct and that is what I object too. The citizens in California had a right to cast a preference either way for or against proposition 8 referendum and either being indifferent for same sex marriage and when a court of law overturns the certain rights because of pure support, it appears that their support is biased and corrupt.

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