Urban Life Poem

Urban life is the concentration of people with many choices and voices and so it seem there is no lack of hesitation to migrate to locations where many live, work, educate and few go on vacations or recreate in areas uniquely different than agriculture and rural places to live in realestate and strive as a way of life.

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The buildings, homes are clones of NY City’s urban design from few to many that manifests no resign to all the signs towards entrances along with finding many outside kinds of exits to many other cities one to go and follow. Some who study and play and sway the numbers to fix and mix peoples orientation to let live such as whether they have inside toilets, inside water, public sewage, as a measure of progress not working on the farm which at one time was the only way of doing and saying until one become gray. Also it was taken for granted not just to some but one becomes married and has children and the only orientation was what in the Bible. Stories that deviates sell books that perpetuate the authors to become famous or lame. Historical theorist and many tried to cry out their beliefs about how cities became the way that many became day in and day out to ray their thoughts and beliefs. Urban and Urbanism is like looking at the turban instead of looking at the kind of occupation.

Cities by size up to the air and bearing around through its design shape and with the growth of towns that surrounds many cities with the same sounds of urban way of living. Its inhabitants want to walk, and talk like a city but not be such as the elimination of big skyscrapers that sort of shy and spy with great views but they are the fascination of big urban life. Towns so it seems are a downsized from big cities way of disguise that justify not during farming and barn work and restraining and rejoicing the big cities way of life and they are fears of early inhabitants. The migration to suburbia is example why some was being disturbed about urban life.

NY Cities negative overtones make ideas and groan towards a way of life that children can grow and not be the stereotypical of what many believe is a culture towards unhappiness and sin. Even though a Town smells, feels, sounds, grows, and looks like a city but their attractions are in many minds that they were originally founded to be different than what big cities were grounded to become.

Number counters who want to mount into peoples consciousness a big picture of reality that may be different than what we see, for instance the US Governments Census taken are just know during 2012 declassifying all those instances and many of the ideas that were around during the great depression of and about the 1930s. Numbers and facts can be stretched especially if there is no opposition. I for one sort of believe and thankful for any opposition even if I don’t support its merits and mission because when there become one thought and expression it will tend to eradicate any opposing views of thought and the motto becomes the means are justified by the end.

Many immigrants from all over the world who sought and bought their views in seeking and greeting a better way of life for their families and children from many religions, agnostic and even atheists who all desired freedom as the way towards paradise. There were some who sought to believe that the cities grew in circles as a freedom of choice in deciding where to work and live and not of a strategic management planning. That is what laissez faire meant that workers and owners, even though others are related but they can be allowed to brazenly make decisions such as buy realestate without the interference of big Brother.

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