Time Shares

The marketing of time shares has provided many week end vacations for middle class households. It is a form of real estate that began in Europe. The financial crisis which occurred around 2009 has made a tremendous impact upon the use of this commodity. The number one quality that type of real estate is capable of having speaks to its transferability.

Most of the telemarketing of prospects for type of real estate are not prohibited under the do not call regulations that is enforced under the Federal Trade Commission. The method that time shares are marketed gets them around the loop of the regulations. When guest are invited to participate in presentations to purchase type of real estate they are asked to provide lists of family and friends that might be interested in purchasing time shares. The guest that is initially invited to stay at a luxury hotel in most cases for free and they are promised free gifts if they fully cooperate with the marketing of this type of real estate.

The manner in which a commodity works is based upon the time and use of real estate. The use is targeted towards a certain time of the year. It is marketed in the manner of providing a place to live during ones vacation. It is marketed as an alternative to taking vacations and being with family members. A family may have the use of a certain hotel room a certain week or two out of the year. This type of real estates value is based upon it transferability. Many of them can be transferred internationally. Many of them can be used to transfer space in one metropolitan area for another metropolitan area. For example they can be based upon real estate in Myrtle South Carolina and being transferred for time and use in Los Vegas Nevada.

The financial crisis has created a crisis with this type of real estate. The consequences of so many household incomes being decreased has practically eliminated many households discretionary income. Even if a house hold completely owns it they still have to pay their maintenance fees and many households own multiple time shares. Many companies and individuals are approaching these kinds of real estate owners and they are proposing to the owners that they pay a certain amount to sell.

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