The Superbowl is a manifestation or a product of strategic management. Based upon the prevalent information, you would not believe that the NFL origin was before the AFL by 40 years. It appears that the AFL was the innovator of the two football leagues. Most people believe that the NFL was the dominant league, TV show the opposite. The AFL is the League that caused the greatest increase in Professional Football Players salaries in the NFL.

We sort of think of Coach Lombardi when we comprehend the Superbowl intellectually. Football can be seen emotionally as well and that is the reason why it is the game that unites the American fabric. It is a game that regardless of ones ethnicity it attracts fans in a short time. Most immigrants entry into the United States occur with adoption of the love for football. The teams that existed during the beginning of the NFL were the following: Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Tigers, Dayton Triangles, Akron Professionals, Rochester Jeffersons, Rock Island Independents, Muncie Flyers, Decatur Staleys, Chicago Cardinals and Hammond Pros.

The teams went through many changes between1920 to 1950 with different teams. The NFL teams during 1950 were broken down into the American Conference and the National Conference. The American Conference was the following: Chicago Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers. The National Conference was the following: Baltimore Colts, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams and New York Yanks.

Lamar Hunt, son of Howard Hunt studied the prospect of buying the Chicago Cardinals and relocating them to Dallas Texas along with his partners. He and the partners were unable to develop an acceptable agreement and then they approached Bert Bell the NFL Commissioner about expanding the franchise and he flatly denied their request. Subsequent to their offer they created the American Football Conference. Lamar Hunt was made Commissioner of the AFL January 26, 1960.

Lamar Hunt developed a strategic management plan where he had many successes such as the Houston Oilers signing the 1959 Heisman Winner Billie Cannon to a $100,000 contract over the $50,000 contract with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. Also TV was maturing were it was becoming a financial means to be utilized through advertising dollars. Lamar Hunt Saw this and developed a network 5 year contract with NBC before NFL had one during 1962.

During the Merger of the NFL and AFL it was Lamar Hunt that originated the name Superbowl, but the first two games were called the AFL-NFL Championship Game. Lamar Hunt made reference to it being the Super Bowl in meetings where merger negotiations were taking place. He said that he though of that name because his children were playing with a super ball toy. Lamar Hunt probably the most influential person that created the Superbowl reality.

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