Super Bowl

This Super Bowl this year and every year since the beginning represents America’s excitement about individual athletic talents and the process of individuals coming together as a team.

Even though the NFL or the American Football League has been around since 1920, it was a combination of superior entrepreneurship and American excitement for the game that has made it one of the most watched sporting events in the world. We tend to think of the NFL brand as the symbol of success but if it was not for AFL the NFL would not have had a strategic plan for the future.

This particular sport and the SuperBowl transcend gender, race and ethnicity. The excitement for the Super Bowl and football is so great that it in terms of food purchases for that day is second only to the Thanks Giving Day purchases. The TV and Cable TV coverage of that game is among the most watched programs on TV or Cable TV world wide. The Super Bowl of 2011 made it the most watched programs in America with an average of 111,000,000 audiences. SuperBowl Sunday has become watched like it is a religious obsession.

Even though it was the merger of the AFL and NFL that culminated into having the greatest game that is played on the football field because it is the Championship game between the best two teams in the NFL. I think that if the game could be internationalized the relations between countries probably would improve. I don’t think it would eliminate wars, but it would go a long way in providing other ways to vent countries frustration. What if Iraqi would have a football team and President George Bush may have put more energy into beating Iraqi on the football field instead of putting men on the battle field. Football is a violent sport and on extreme occasion individuals get injured to the point of fatalities, but those occurrences are rare and extreme because the sport is highly regulated.

I know with my personal experience that Washington DC was a deeply divided city after the assignation of Martin Luther King which caused riots through out the city. The riots occurred during the year of 1968. The city and afterwards was diminished in spirit and enthusiasm, but the 1972 Washington Redskins bought the team together that went to VII SuperBowl to play the Miami Saints gave a new sense of brotherhood between races in the Washington Metropolitan area. There is an emotional connection that many people develop through being apart of that sport even when there is great social economic and racial distance between spectators. Football and especially winning create a spirit of comradeship that is manifested in the Super Bowl.

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