Strategic Management Ideas

Strategic management is as profound as the principle of scientific thought.

Strategic management can be used as a microscope to explain the decision making of a Street Cleaner as well as any of the Presidents of the United States. It requires not only good acumen but excellent discretion. When does a decision maker decides to knock the ball out of the park as one would say in comparison with just butting the ball or in real management situations when doe one decide to terminate an employee instead of reprimanding the employee. When the work place is union free or union shop where does management mount its most influence? The answer to some of these questions can be as basic as an infant crawling and as advance as a teenager running sprints in the Olympic.

When it comes to decision making and its results it is as simple as one making a decision about departure time relative to arrival time. If you know that it will take a certain amount of time to arrive then the basic decision about departure time is the amount of time to arrive plus any additional time that may be necessary to arrive promptly.

A street cleaner is give a certain territory to clean then he understand from prior experiences what tools and resources will be needed to efficiently clean that territory. That Street Cleaner will put in requisitions to make certain that the tools and resources are available for his duties. A President understands that he have certain problems and their solution is beyond his or her acumen then certain individuals with certain capability and acumen are hired to advise the President so his decision making is enhanced to better serve the Country. The Presidents abilities and skills are enhanced by strategic management type decision making to select the best qualified advisers to solve some of the Countries problems.

Excellent discretion goes hand and hand with good strategic management. Just because you are insulted does not mean that you return the insult. Morals and ethics also go hand and hand with good decision making. Just because you have the capacity to flatten an adversary does not mean that you should.

Who is right when certain type decisions are made especially when they concern the national interest or politics? Was it in the National interest for Ben Laden or Saddam Hussein to be killed? Did it achieve certain strategic management goals to pull the troops out of Iraq?

When hired to be the CEO of certain companies in many instances the person personal beliefs and philosophy create parameters for the employee. Some people will not work in a company that is union free because they believe that something is wrong with the company or their experience has only been with companies that have union shops. The basics of solving problems are to be objective, rational and pursue the truth which is the same innocence that an infant have to become strong and healthy.

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