Solar Energy

Strategic management has been a key to solar energy.

It is an energy whose source is the sun and it converts that power into electricity. It is and it is not an alternative like Obama argues energy that was recently developed because it can be traced to ancient times with a view on providing energy and heat. Solar is almost everywhere except for at night. This form of energy is either passive or active. Solar has practically impacted every aspect of our human life.

Decreasing or eliminating the utility bill is the objective of this type of energy through harnessing the power of the sun. However its development originates during ancient times with the design of building being oriented to the south to collect the maximum heat from the sun. The technologies that are derived from fixation of solar heat are the following: solar heating, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal electricity and solar architecture.

Solar heating is using the sun to heat water. Hot water systems to heat and provide air for many building are very competitive with using other energy sources to heat water.

Photovoltaic is high efficiency solar cell that such as was designed on the Mars mission that utilize a three cell structure that captures and converts solar energy into electricity.

Solar thermal electricity is using giant mirrors and solar panels to intensify the suns rays to turn turbines. Turbines extract energy from a fluid flow.

Solar architecture challenge is finding the balance between esthetics and conservation. Many architects believe that they are designers first then they are conservationists. Also the pull between the passive energy and active solar energy presents another challenge for architects. How does such a profession find the median ground concerning the materials that are more appealing to certain solar objectives and finding ways that utilize solar components that provide conservation or green energy instead of the more costly and pollution kind of energy sources such as fossil fuels. Many leaders such as Former Vice President Al Gore and environmentalist advocate that we ignore the costs associated with solar energy and pursue the benefits.

This type of energy in its own way has impacted and will continue to change our everyday lives because of it source the sun which is a resource that we can not ignore. Many areas that solar energy continue to impact our lives such as energy storage methods because the sun energy diminishes at night, solar charged vehicles or boats, splitting of sea water providing hydrogen to be run through adjacent electric plants, Commercial Solar Plants, use of evaporation ponds to abstract salt from sea water, solar cooker which are box cooker-panel cookers-reflector cookers, exposing polluted water to sun light from six hours to two days as a method of treatment, deciduous trees that has leaves that provide shade along with allowing the sun to pass through during the winter, material that store heat, solar chimney, hybrid solar lighting, etc.

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