A Poem About Sex

Some measures about the sex of a Brother or a Parent existence relative to the picture for the others with focus mainly on the female or male difference.

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If placed on the starting line in order to race do we place either one in the race rather it be male or female at a disadvantage. Sex you see can not be ignored even if we are told we are equal but we can not be assured if the talk is correct unless we objectively measure and find out who is more right or who has more might because of their absolute mental imagination. There have been philosophers, psychologist, social scientist who have seen within their studies to find out if men and women are mentally different because as I see the buddies of the status quo must find ways to justify the inequality of the social stratification.

Cognition is reasoning, intuition, or perception and the institution of male and females want and desire the recognition whether one sex is smarter than another. They are studied through many type of star analysis to find out the best or to test just to maintain the continued status quo.

When there is a race you will have fans in the stand making much noise not always in good taste with in public standards and they want to cheer a winner with whom they can relate. The old classical argument that is bent about whom of the men or female genders do you think are the smartest has probably gone as far back as the stone ages like the cartoon about Flint Stones.

Thomas Gisborne who was a priest and poet argued in support of inequality by stating that women were not qualified for politics, business or science. He like many so it thought during the 17th, 18, and 19th centuries refused to be brought into the idea that females could do other work besides caring for children and the sick. There was a parade of scholars such as Nicolas Malebranche, Thomas Gisbourne, Herbert Spencer, Sigmund Freud and charade of mindless thought during those times who I guess sold their ideas to the highest bidder just like a corrupt politician.

Slavery when it was legal was mainly used for the caring service and most of them were female helping a family care for children and the sick. When a head of family brazenly boss his wife, daughter and others as though they were slaves he was manipulated to think that way by the scholars and politicians who provided the propaganda. As you can see the strategic management plan during parts of history was to confine females to only certain brands of occupations.

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