School Bus Poem

Students in class and school buses are a mass of confusion with some whose mission have horizons to define while most are on a fast to deny any elements of knowledge. The class room realestate occupies their desire to become like the ridicule from peers that soon will be arrested and cast out as mates of failure. Sam, Obama or what ever there names may be leave home each and every morning regardless of family’s location and go back home and dragging their tomes upon completing coursework in class sometimes with expectations that asserts, confuse and confound but as graduation approaches students starts to encroach upon change, growth and become more responsible.

The school bus becomes a must but bullying and distrusts runs rampant throughout the ride from home to school and it is a bullying tool also from school to home even with trained eyes which are unable to see the students before the bus arrives and after the buses depart. Scholarship and graduation begin to sink in like sin to bother many whose sometimes insulting fascination with being independent and adults away as far as they can from their parents and siblings.

The task of a Teacher is to mold a class into a mask that reaches each and every student in a manner to achieve their societal and career goals. They must be confronted by Teachers to escape themselves from front to back with new features and knowledge that will bring into shape that will turn them into adults. The honest and ultimate change occurs in a climate that allows responsible human beings to grow up with integrity.

Students don’t ever transcend or surrender their obstacles that they lived to overcome for over 3100 days of their life. Our experiences that send many of our dreams to us at night don’t begin to diminish late in our life. Those many days in a classroom are only balance by 1800 days or less that students families devoted to them with love as infants to toddlers. How can we tend to build children into productive adults if there is not any input at the surrendering age? Parents surrender their children to Teachers and school bus drivers who reach out as custodians for the students.

Being a Parent is mint to be the most important job and every thing lends itself to the confusion. If juvenile delinquency is a problem it is equivalent to a Parenting problem.

If there is a problem at school then the tools to fix it are the Parents. If the school source of problem is that it does not have sufficient resources then find ways to increase the resorts or realestate of the parents. If you want your student body to become more fluent with higher education then parents must rant the same. If Parents want their children protected on the school bus then they must meet about and ride about the school bus not just because of 9/11 or 01/03/47

Students say that the school bus take us and them to school along with protecting and erecting security guidelines that will cover them with safety while riding, but who can separate the bullies from the fearful. How do we protect ourselves from the torment that is sent through the bullied? The rocks thrown at the bullied are sown together because his or her cry is all of our tears.

The Scholars of today will holler all the way to graduation with many accolades along the grades of success. Students’ acumen will send them to heights that are so bright as long as they keep in sight. Training to become Doctors, Lawyers, Scholars, etc only become real especially when students tame themselves to do the necessary work to make each other smart. That means studying becomes a lifestyle meaning that even their buddies and friends think and hang out at the same place. The palaces of knowledge are not fallacies because the places that they surrender are the water holes of more and more knowledge.