A Poem About Rihanna

Rihanna, Almost animate the chant Free Mandela! Free Mandela! Her ax is an attempt to go to basics with sex and violence.

She is real, Rhanna does not use some fake surreal name because her legal name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Her music was and probably continues to use her family challenges and freedom to transcend injustices like the goals of Nelson Mandela. The Freedom fighter from Barbados, her desire and actions may evolve out of bar but her real goal is to be an excellent singer with out forgetting where she ate from many a bow. She had family and difficulties and she never ran into fantasy. Her mother, Monica Braithwaite temporary left the brothers to go to America to make certain that her daughter was well protected legally in the United States of America.

Freedom! Freedom! She experimented with a unhappy relationship but it was a mented relationship that she had shed time because some past bad things that made her mad. She is more likely a better person for how Chris Brown and her stored animosity. She soared to the top and never though about quiting and said no because I have seen this before. Her Mother and Father had to bother with their challenges because the father was addicted to substance abuse. All that glitter is not good and may be bitter and that is what Freedom achieved. She more likely went to basics, forget what a person is storing out front with all the money, clothes and especially that automobile. Look inside, its the inner workings of that person that’s beside you. This poem is to point out a truly storm that had to be put out by a truly great person. Free Rihanna, she still has some more tea to drink. She is a excellent singer and the evidence is how she has excelled in selling 47,571,000 singles. The evidence is how she is staying connected and swaying the young and the poor from her home.

I don’t care how one may dress, but the past is so bare and it can not be covered up. Our deamons and dreaming keep us moving and wooing towards the same or new risings. I think that Rihanna has found her way with good sound because she is breaking the chains of the past.

I have been watching and she has been seen shaving the bad past from her life. It is good that the mood and desire of least one of her parents desired to protect her best interest. It is more better if a child have at least two parents that are boring but healthy and sound mine, but one will do. The essence of family challenges is love because with it the excellence will transcend all the bad. Love have a power to make many individuals sour their confrontations with weak and the sick. No Fantasy! No Fantasy, make life real like for the sake of Rihanna.

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