Redskins and RG3

The Redskins traded three number ones for RG3 and the Reskins also gave to the Rams this year number two.

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Does this mean Touch Down, Touch Down hopefully the Redskins will see short or long passes in the end zone and also break away runs into the end zone?

The chant shall become RG3, RG3, RG3 feel free to make a touchdown see the defense, out run it with glee and we will be happier as we were going to three super bowl championships. Robert Griffin3 you’re our key to being greater than the past and we see through you the agreeing spirit that will make the Redskins realestate the Champs for a long time to last. It make no difference what we call the number one quarterback to be, either the abbreviated name RG3 or Robert Griffin3 he has teed off his Football career at Baylor university to be the Number one Quarterback into eternity with the Washington Redskins. He as we see is starting to have the accolades that all professional football players dream to achieve. He is very coach able so it seems to be because his family sees Military as the road to success. His acumen about athletics is honestly acquired from the family tree.

He went to Baylor University and graduated a year early with his academics. He is a smart man as we see and not only the greatest quarterback Robert Griffin3 will be. On The Grid Iron he not only excelled as you can see, he made records such as in his junior year He passed for 2001 yards, 25 touchdown and two interceptions and guess what! He rushed for 876 rushing yards 6 touchdowns and just think he suppose to be quarterback. Robert Griffin3 with all your God given skills feel free to use your fast foot work, accurate passes and football mind to make the Redskins realestate see the sky.

If you combined his two seasons at Baylor University Over the two seasons, he rushed for a total of 2,161 yards and 32 touchdowns, while passing for 3,357 yards and 41 touchdowns with nine interceptions. How can that be, He is just human like me and you, but Robert Griffin3 is staged to lift off to go further than we can see, Hail to the Redskins we have another franchise football player that may feed our greatness all the way to the play offs on the back of RG3.

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