A Poem About Politicians

Politicians are worse than car salesmen because they are practitioners of half and not any truths and this is the essence of this poem.

There campaign organization is made of promises such as land, candy and honey. Their vision is based upon conning the rich to believe that there views on television or cable will be completely owned by them. It make no difference whether they are local on the take or at large in the state or even national through many states all politicians are of the same cloth. During a state of emergency they are the only ones we as the public relies on for any urgency. During good times most people mood becomes one of celebration and having fun along with their political leaders. However they will cause rain to be made for a parade. Leave it to a politician they will find a war far and away from home for our sons to fight. If not for the status quo most problems would be solved with out any quotas, but leave it to politicians they are always finding a special interest to bit at new policy objectives.

Have you ever purchase a used car and there are no signs because beware is really the only sign. Used car salesmen just like political leaders must find a way to say yes to what every one ask. They will not take blame for any make, model or car that is being sold by them, but they will blame the other car dealer like a political leader blaming the other candidate for causing the same problem.

Watch and listen to any candidate for office he or she will match all requests with a yes I can do that and that is why they prefer to speak to large gatherings because then they can spread the deceit over a larger number of people and their lies wont be known.

It does not matter whether they represent cities, towns, counties, educational districts, states, countries. metropolitan areas in most case they are sent with a mission to make a deal that benefit their supporters. They speak in regard to their constituents, but are their real intent to surrender to their rich supporters or do they enrich the poor.

There has been many crises such the one war that is seen above all like World War Two and also the Korean War were many of our soldiers fought in the rear according to General Douglas McArthur who wanted another invasion, but again a President took the occasion like President Truman Did and took center stage and fired the General. Another potential tragedy was the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was a standoff between President JFK and the K out of the Soviet Union called Premier Khrushchev who place intermediate range nuclear ballistic missiles into Cuba and then the United States took the data and decided to blockade all of Cuba. Premier Khrushchev demanded that the blockade was illegal and he ordered that his ships will not stand down, and he ordered them in the end to stand down. On occasions like the above or the invasion like Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt stood above because he was seen as right to shove his military action not only against Japan but all those stood against United States in the minds of the citizens. Politicians exploit wars to scout and receive more support for their administration.

It is always hard to tie down any politicians open ended strays because it is difficult to know what audience that is really being addressed. These open ended policies like building and policing a pipeline from Canada through the United States at the same time that gas prices are batting above average. Who is right the environmentalist who say they want to save mother earth or the conservative who say they want to give jobs to the underserved and decrease gas prices. A good Politician will not solve the problem; he will compromise and dissolve the confrontation and that is the strategic management plan.

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