Network Marketing

Network marketing is the fastest way to acquire experience in sales and along with the service or product that is being marketed while one is unemployed.

Most network marketing associates have enthusiasm greater than those who work at traditional firms. This type of marketing is a method of opening doors of a new recruit’s warm market. I think that there are fewer problems with this method of marketing when there are not any charge backs that can be debited to any new recruit’s accounts; however there are effective methods of diminishing the likelihood of charge backs.

I experience network marketing when I was a sales representative with AL. Williams Corporation. I acquired experience in life insurance sales and developing skills in network marketing. Developing formal and informal relationships with customers and new recruits who you know and strangers to get the close. I accomplished the goal of becoming a Vice President at AL Williams which was the result of all my acquired experiences of persuading people about the merits of buying term and investing the difference.

We collectively developed relationships with new recruits to train them to learn the required information about passing the required examinations for life insurance license in the states of Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia. Al Williams at that time was growing faster than Prudential and even became larger in regard to life insurance sales than Prudential. I am thankful for their help and encouragement that gave me the desire and skill to pass the life insurance, health insurance, and series six security license.

However going to their presentation and meetings was very exciting and uplifting for many of the new recruits and attending agents. It was a melting bowl of excitement because you witnessed new recruits start with only them and grow into very large business groups. The firm was never short for motivation and achieving a tea shirt at the meetings was highly regarded.

The core of the strategic management plan was to get the new recruit to schedule appointments so that they can take their manager out to their warm market which consists of friends and family. Once the new agent gets the manager on the other side of the doors and at the kitchen table the agent is able to get the prospective customers to show them there life insurance policies which were more than likely whole life insurance. The managing agent showed the customer how he can provide more insurance and still give the client a big savings in regard to the amount of premium that is being paid. The objective is to recruit the customer along with closing the insurance policy.

It is a close and once the necessary paperwork is done the agent is paid an advance and that become his or hers salary. The short side of being paid an advance is that the customer decides for any reason to cancel the policy the agent account will be debited for an amount that he or she must pay back to the firm. These are called charge backs and they can become a problem when an agent is marketing high risk customers such as: customers with potential health problems; cold market and replacing other company’s insurance policies. When for any reason the agent thinks that the customer is a high risk he or she should delay accepting the advance or request that he is paid only when customer pays premium. Salesmanship is not only about closing the product or service; it is also about the agent becoming liked by the customer. The agent must sale themselves also, just don’t forget that you are better off with a smaller pay check that is not being debited by charge backs, than a larger pay check that will be decreased to 0 because of debiting charge backs

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