Mothers Day and Patience

Mothers Day, Mothering and fathering children is like driving and trying to become successful at an obstacle course and the fuel that is running your motor is patience.

You teach! You describe! You show! You punish! You scold! But you keep telling them don’t quit and be patient and that becomes your strategic management plan. You encourage and love them when they craw, you exhort to them that they will walk, you press them to read, you push them to count. Also with the hang in there cheering you influence them to finish school, they want to become of age to drive and be on there own but all along you’re saying be patient you will become of age sooner or later and you will eventually drive but school is more important. If you do well you will go to College and be self sufficient.

During Mothers Day and always, you keep telling them that it is not who wins but how you play the game. The practice over and over again will make your character. Following the rules will make you honest and trust worthy, but your patience will win out in the end. Get back up, just do it, be patient, keep trying, don’t give up.

It is understood that children from the very beginning don’t have patience. The emotion to be on their own with all the independence of saying I am the boss makes it a struggle for them to have a little patience. Their peers and the impatience box mainly TV and cable make them think that they already is grown up. Also the internet, music, video games and Hollywood success complicate it all.

Only if children can be taught to acquire patience at the same time while they are doing with out they would move forward with more success. The impatience that is taught on TV, cable, internet, hip hop along with music, and the games that they play is truly not real. It is substituting failure for success and if it would not be for the success of Mother and Fathers there would be no Mothers Day.

Mother and Father don’t worry because something happens in regard to patience and it start we would think when children become adults, but that don’t necessary work. It starts with them becoming responsible. That eleven lettered word is truly transformational. You see they change when rent and mortgages have to be paid by them. Something happen when they have to raise their own children with the same love and determination. Something happen when their dreams and desires become one with their children and then with their children moping they tell them with the same conviction and desire, be patient! The purpose of this poem is to say Happy Mothers Day!

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