A Poem to Mom and Dad

Writing about how I think Mom and Dad did while growing up and trying to make sense with love and conviction concerning how I was raised can only be described with the assurance of love.

Because the life I lived was of what Mom and Dad unselfishly gave me and while being their child, I grew out of their eyes or visions and while I existed beyond their sight I grew from all of their best visions for me as an adult. Those visions were premised and shaped through both my parents hard work that evolved out of love and their dream was for me to receive love, along with giving love and be free. Subjectively love is the essence of social reality.

I learned more from most of my failures and the earnings from much of my success were treated as though they were second nature one of the gifts of love. Every day when I was at home it was though I was in class to learn the basics about love and life and when failure appeared it was treated like a mystery by both of my parents. Through their guidance and love, I was compelled to return to the drawing board which always started with love to reshape my weaknesses into strengths and my success which was enhanced with love remained second nature. The essence of the building block was that practice makes perfect and what you suppose to practice on was correcting failures or shortcomings and don’t forget my successes were enhanced with love.

While growing up as a child, I achieved status and always yearned for more because when I was a child both parents insisted that I not to be a flash in the pan. For instance when you are admired for doing excellent homework for one day it is imposed upon you to repeat and do it again the next day, over and over again. When you bring an excellent report card home one semester you are influence to repeat that deed again until you have graduated. Apart of the love was the influence that meant that I had a high regard for my parents which made the character formula stronger. The stronger the mutual love we had caused me to have stronger character as a child and because the more you enriched the character the better, the more honest, the more truthful the person.

As a child I earned money and yearn for more which was second nature. Even if the money did not come directly from Mom and Dad it was taught that there would be more if I continue to work hard and long hours. More money came from hard work. Also hard work meant long hours. The highest value of the formula is the spiritual connection. You are better off when you know where you came from. You also better off when you know where you are headed, but the core of your value is to know your inner worth and believe in all your inner strength in God Almighty. The end, the beginning and you are all in one if you believe in the most important one, then you have meaning as being apart of this Holy Universe.

Mom and Dad if not for you and through god I am one with my wife and children. I build on what we have done including you, God, my family and I reach out through practice to what we shall become. Thank you for your strategic management plan.

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