Love is spiritual when it is a ritual.

Many people who say I love you are not sincere about any of what they may try to rap. We tend to be caught up in what our most admired is clapping and fantasizing. Our fixation with making new fun and games is more important than being responsible and mixing real responsibility with in our attitude. It does not have to be a boy friend or girl friend the altitude of ones admiration covers even Mom and Dad. We must not forget any of our family and to forget becomes very sad.

Ones admiration of self is important but if life has given one the only selfish way of living then it can become very lonely. Family and friends help many a person to belong. It may be called utopian to be apart of any ideal and perfect world with many as long as it not become one of governing. Admiration that is evolved from the poor is not even for power. Admiration that is directed by the powerful is not for their inner worth but for their strong desire to be at the top of the white ivory tower.

Even when children and students are graduating from a school, when does the admiration for the child stop and become the stove to burn the growth into an adult. Does the love stay even though the student is not a child because they are not driven to school any more by school buses, know they drive on their on to Universities, Colleges or Community Colleges and with out any doubt they are adults and grown up.

Does the Teacher, Professor, Instructor or Adjunct Professor mold the student any different because relationship is without admiration? Does the reach of the Professor transcend the individual need of admiration by teaching professional expectations? If the student retreats and act as though the need for admiration as a child is still needed then what happens to the schools professional tradition. The Professor must become intimate with the student on an individual by individual basis and professional dictates become irrelevant.

Love as a basis for unselfish behavior must be examined and determined to be the axis and core for social behavior. Leadership and admiration are both necessary they are meant to be for the collective with out any adversary. admiration is taught well with out any though by Mom and Dad along with the whole family. The siblings are the executors of faith because what one brother or sister may forget there is enough dribbling that Mom and Dad has stated in mixed audiences to all their children.

Love or admiration as you see integrate most relationships and when it does not it may cause migrations from previous formal social structures. When it is elementary and primary school admiration as a motivating tool for integration, however when it is higher education then the challenge for the Universities is how you motivate and not return to less than higher education which is apart of a Universities strategic management plan.

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