Lottery and Playing the Numbers

The first Lottery in Europe began in Florence of Italy in 1530.

A numbers ticket was purchased and it was that history that was immigrated into the USA that had the most impact.

I think that if you identify the origination of currency is where the exact beginning of the numbers started.

It is also directly related to people’s morality regarding usury because one of the strong points about illegal numbers game is the allowance of providing loans pr credit to bettors.

It was called the numbers game, policy game or Italian Lottery in the USA.

It was started around and about 1530 by the Italians. Original Number games were illegal and making it illegal only made Government into Bookies. Instead of deriving the numbers from the horse tracks they are based upon randomly choosing little white balls by both the Government and illegal numbers was a source of controversy.

The Government has been unable to put the illegal numbers out of business. Illegal numbers are very strong in poor neighborhoods.

It has a unique history in the USA. All of the 13 colonies operated lotteries and they made them ultimately illegal because of the corruption

Government has always had a hand in causing the entire problem involved with the numbers game and they always present to the public where they come riding in on the white horse to rescue the exploited, cheated and murdered victims of the numbers game instead of taking the money and giving it to the poor through better real estate listings.

There was not any competition from Government to illegal numbers in the USA between the years of 1894 – 1964.

Missouri, Delaware and Kentucky Governments operated the numbers game in 1860.

The biggest advantage of playing the Government Numbers Games is because it is not against the law.

However the Government participation ownership has not eliminated the corruption and exploitation of the bettors because in the USA there is a history that goes far back as the 13 colonies and even in Italy where betting was operated by Government the Mafia demanded and still demands a cut from lottery winners. The illegal number bettors have the advantage of winning larger pots and they can receive credit from the bookies.