Housing Discrimination and Fair Housing

Housing Discrimination is a constant in our society.

We must provide Societal training in order to be a better place to live in such ways with better standards in relationship with real estate listings. Many of our fellow citizens don’t even realize how tarnish our decision making is when picking and choosing real estate for our selves and our love ones. I want to present to you the following true and false questions about Fair Housing:

1. Citizens who live in areas where there are not many
minorities probably will not violate any of the housing laws concerning discrimantion?

2. A US citizen or US resident must act with discriminatory
intent before violating the Fair Housing Act?

3. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on age?

4. Realtors are watched by Government Officials that are called
testors and they are easy to identify?

5. Testors can trick you if you ask them whether they are

6. A housing discrimination complaint can only be filed by an
individual who is renting or buying a dwelling?

7. Federal fair housing laws only protect minorities?

8. A real estate licensee is a relationship between buyer,
sellers and owners which prevents any liability towards the

9. Providing more service to one customer who happens to be a
white mail and not serving the white female is a violation
of the Fair Housing Act in and of itself?

10. Housing management companies may charge families with
children higher security Deposits than singles?

11. Display advertising that does not include the equal housing
logo or slogan is okay as long as the Publisher’s Notice is
included in the lead
page of the classifieds?

12. Can the Buyer’s agent ask the Listing Agent any questions
about the buyer that is unrelated to the property such as
whether he or she has

13. Questions about whether the house next door is a group home?

14. Local laws take precedence over Federal Laws when in

15. Discriminatory language is protected under free speech
while purchasing or renting real estate?

16. It is okay for a Realtor to select real estate based upon
race, national origin or familial status because he or she
thinks that they will be more comfortable? Home Page