High Schools

High Schools are the focal point in the American Education System. Sporting activities in these schools are feeders for Universities and College Programs. High ranking secondary schools just like elementary and middle schools tends to push the value of real estate listings or real estate up that are adjacent or near by the secondary school. Busing is a major integrator of Schools.

The very first High School in the United States was founded in Boston Massachusetts. It model was based upon the Schools in Scotland in 1505. The term is very European. There are over 21,000 of these type of schools in the United States. They are considered secondary schools. It is at these secondary schools where some of the most important testing takes place. The transition point to the real world begins here with students qualifying to graduate and receive High School Diplomas. Students begin taking SAT test to gain entrance into College and receive scholarships and financial assistance. Students who are in athletic programs are competing to ascertain athletic scholarships into an acceptable college.

Many students are choosing to begin having families and ascertaining employment after graduation. A very large employer is the US Military. Some of the schools have military training in their schools that provide a formal process for students to file for application for the military.

Most secondary schools unless they are industrial arts school is aggressive about influencing their students to go to college and it is strategic management goal to highlight the percentage of students that are going to college. The number of students going to college gives the secondary school's curriculum legitimacy. Even if it is a school that is having academic difficulty the first order of business is to develop a strategic plan that pushes and encourages the students towards college.

The most common language in secondary schools in the United States is the use of profanity. It appears that it does not have any thing to do with socioeconomic, gender or race. I think that hip hop has lot to do with it and the wide use of cell phones.

Many of the better secondary schools are located in the high income neighborhoods. That exists because individuals and families with higher incomes through strategic planning push up the value of real estate sales in those neighborhoods. Many of the High Schools have curriculums that attempt to attract students at large through busing to the better academic wise Schools.

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