Free Classifieds

I am saddened how free classifieds and the internet is becoming a middle man for prostitution, rape, murder and other alarming things when they should be the middle man for more real estate listings.

The strategic management advocacy should be of honesty and morality as a panacea of the problem. I think that it is imperative that honest people become committed to providing services to the public. Technology in the name of immorality must be stopped on the providers and user side of using certain outlets. Just because we can do certain things because of Technology does not mean that we should. I am going to start free classified page with a focus on honesty and morality.

Rapist who lured a free classifieds Facebook friend to be 'sex slave' in a shed in Minety, Wiltshire, was jailed for life. Thomas Bester who lures women with job offers on facebook which is a form of free classifieds. Jameson William lured a female friend as a sex slave that contacted him on facebook. Peter Chapman a British murder kidnapped a girl that he lured on facebook that he sent picture of himself being a teenage boy. Seath Jackson out of Florida was lured by his former girl friend through facebook to a destination where he was murdered. All of these type stories are very scary.

Technology is growing at such an alarming rate that our survival will be greatly dependent on honesty and morality. We are using many of the technologies as free classifieds to promote our individual attributes and desires. Even mistakes are made and we are not perfect, when the same pattern of mistakes is continually made then someone must begin to question the decision making of the employees or users of service. I think that we are going through a period of time where there are not any fixed boundaries like nationalities. This technology age can only be controlled by honesty and morality and if users or employee are deficient then maybe some type of training should be installed to promote change.

Our ability to develop strategic management that will navigate around the violent obstacles that we as a global community are confronted with is the challenge. Many of these organizations that hire anyone must stop and hiring people simply because networking must stop. The political machines and corporate machines must stop because these organizations are becoming so contaminated with indifference because many of the mid level managers and upper managers are contaminated with indifference to activities on the internet. If one see that users are putting up nude pictures and other questionable moral acts, then at some point of management. I think that the pictures must be censored or eliminated.

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