Females are with out any doubt not duplicable.

They are patterned with out any reputable alternatives. Even though there can be life with out them, but only a few may be stiff enough to tread such a reality.

We live in an individualistic world to a certain extent if one is business minded, but if one is dependent upon government, and then one visually is stereotyped as general. If a child or student is different they are treated like some kind of public housing tenant. But women have the double wrath of being not of the race in power or not being of the correct sexual orientation and don’t forget the trouble that all experience when we become over age.

Women in power are treated and ignored as though they are wall paper with squeaks and even if they are calling the shots their vassals are white males who are in majority at the top of the tower. Women in control become in control because they don’t oppose the omen of there dominant status quo.

When there are females that challenge the power elite is it not because they represent a new type of power grouping. However the poor who represent the biggest challenge to the dominant white male social structure is given the door. Their exit is justified because they are not supposedly qualified. The Poors powerlessness is justified because they must be kept bare feet and working at the stove, however just because women have 8 to 12 hour jobs and they are not at home with the children does not mean that it is not the same thing.

Liberalism especially when it comes to females is an attempt to change the traditional method but keep them still in bondage. Slavery can be implemented by a social structure that is force or it can be mentally implanted by propaganda.

Women’s rights must be demanded and struggled for each and every day because the strategic management plan is 24 four hours a day is to think and act with cultural self sufficiency. Even in reality women make the key decisions for all big ticket items in the family such as real estate listings.

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