A Poem About Fathers Day.

This is an eternal poem about Father’s Day. Fathers Day is a way to pray for the existence of Fathers and thank the Almighty for their mightily profound guidance of children abounds to become self actualize to realize our surrounding full of real estate listings that have fists of dollars and more.

Does their need to be a Father in a child’s life even if there is not any wife who mirrors the other of Mother when a daughter or son is not able to sit and eat with both parents at the dinner table? I don’t know how a son can run and be a man if there is no father in the stands watching along with communicating his matching love. This does not mean a single Mothers can not bother and raise a son with out a father, because sometimes they have Brothers or extended family that lend their hearts with rules and guidance to make their nephews grow to become among the wise few men of love. The boy word is an insult and it’s toying with a son’s glory to be a man. The promise of father is like a cloud that does not bother one with rain or snow but it protects with out any regrets our children‘s love for each other and especially for Mother and Father.

Family transcends Father and Mother as long as the parent sends love and keeps the children in the grip like a glove from the heart. An infant is born instantly with love and it’s the obligation of both parents to agitate the currents or reciprocal love for child’s self identification. A daughter needs a Daddy just as badly as son needs one with out being madly.

Anybody or animal can raise a child with out style but the spirit of human does need a man.

The word boy should be stored away because it likes the n word which does not have any real joy to surrender.

Sometimes the clock of life prevents any crimes from being committed. Fathers Day is a reminder that men have given their lives for their precious love ones. Fathers have a precious viewpoint that is also mainly transferred by their loving Dads eternal love on to them and the fascination is the soulful reminder to their children not to forget that the institution of parenting is just like a relay race that will stay with them and be handed on to their children who are here and especially those to come which is the strategic management plan for Fathers and Mothers on Fathers Day.

Thank you Dad I was glad and not sad for having to love you on Fathers Day and every day is in complete accord with our spirit and soul.

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