Fantasy and its Impact on Children and The Poor

Fantasy is a product that is sold to children and constituents for recreation or control and we as a community accept and view it as real. Even when we purchase real estate listings at a steal we put expensive illusions grandeur in our homes to rill in our children's minds.

The product is manufactured by companies such as circuses, amusement parks, birthday parlor, arcades, video games, I pads, computers, internet, sporting events, welfare, social security, police, etc. Fantasy is like an escape from reality when the consumer is an adult, but when the consumer are children it is recreation and play. It is also necessary when parents want to motivate their children but a problem when children hold unto toys and games when they suppose to grow up. You see it is alright for children to yearn to go to an amusement park but when that child becomes a teenager it is time to grow up and if the obsession of play is always the teenagers excuse then it is a problem. It becomes difficult to identify that invisible line that separate good behavior and bad behavior. Just like taking medicine for pain because we feed our children medicine like a habit, here take this you will feel better, but in many instances we are teaching them to be high because the reality of medicine is not real. The reality of medicine is being high and one become that way through taking medicine to live in a make believe world.

Make belief even occurs in academic circles when you have Professors who have grand ideas and philosophies that are unattached from the real world. Some times you call these academics rocking chair philosophers. Even in the field of Public Administration you identify the small p and large P by the organic life of an organization verse the politics of the real world. Many Politicians strategic management is to confuse the large p and the small p depending upon definition of the objectives.

You see it is the yellow brick road to many individuals, families, communities, cities, states and countries. Most of the time the make belief is politically packaged because the goal of the politicians is to collect votes instead of real change. They make promises that are undeliverable. They lead people to unattainable dreams and they promise hope instead of change for the betterment.

Society and the public are obligated to be aware when fantasy is being used to disenfranchise the poor. For example when certain industries are forced to decrease employment for the environment, and their claim is to do everything possible to save mother earth and the real victims are the poor who can not find affordable food.

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