A Poem About Family

There are with in family some things in this world that is becoming more difficult to purchase meals in a manner of not being real.

Home, when it is secure and prevent outsiders from stealing and scamming about real estate listings. Even when lambs are targeted by intimate siblings by kissing, talking, singing, dancing, laughing, and smelling in a baby environment. Mother, brother, father, sister whose thoughts and ideas are societal will say what they think through family that may be also tribal.

Our pains that seeing stains our stomach are our meals when we can not afford then. It’s a Mom, Dad and their children that pattern a skill path to build and enrich a life time. Its like teaching to fish is providing a family with meals and they don’t have to wonder about anybodies hunger.

Also any of the siblings who grow up and value the things that man make for his sake are stealing from his wealth of being. Our place on earth is worth what we pray and say through our faith or religion. Kin as a group raising children while grazing their crop. Certain leaders convey spirituality through blazing deeds. Sometimes it’s the cousins that are sleeping in the dame dome. Home is where some in care and need is accommodated. Many of our eating companions are not at the same table because Brother, Sister, Cousin, Mother and Dad at different time and places.

Many families grow to be strong and endearing with all the love they can bestow. They say that they are real and strong because all of them pray and play together. Even if it is a commune it will not be startling for there to be more than one dad or mother. The family structure counts you and me to school each and every one of us. Then we take what is taught by our leaders and grow a civilization. This poem is to build our strategic management to give advantage to our managed community.

Contemporary Moms and Dad are the same because they still love with the purpose of some divine guiding principle. When it is not spiritual the loving group looses it ritual substance and connection with a higher order of moving and teaching their little angels with guidance and enrichment. Children must be taught first to obey and respect out of love and it must aggressively made into every pecking order. Home Page Beliefs

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