A Poem about Discipline

Discipline is assumed as though it is in costume because it is a mental sike.

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Take the mike and ask your teacher what you expect if I should peck your order of excellence. Don’t forget you must prove it with evidence that tell all incidences. If you don’t surround all your thoughts in bound to be found by any cover to make a discover, you will find out what hope and dreams along with your accomplishments will elude you. No brooding or crying because your practices must continue to enhance and not by chance. Even though it may be rude but sometime you must break off and begin a new mood.

You must not forget and you must always think that the repeat of habit and second nature keep surrounding the rink because the circular design enhances the divine with repeats in mind. Even though it is ideal, discipline will become for real when one study and grit while one is doing with out. Like a prisoner in jail who don’t fails to read each and every day because one is unable to mail any freedom of expressions or buy any real estate listings.

Second nature, habit and many work sessions seek to build expressions of real mind engagements. Surround and be found of all mind and sound work to be bound by intellectuals who seek high excellence. Still we must drill all studies to build enlightenment with the beginning of repeated habits. How can we escape it fortress of surrender when we don’t study and make deans list along with wining scholarships and fellowships. As scholars we build for more accomplishments and all our strategic management plans analyze the real in order to make a deal like a sweet poem of discipline.

Habit and second nature you see require repeat regiment because its like one who seek a written plan and there is no need for the document because ones actions are confine as though you are addicted and have no mind. The more ones actions are second nature the deeds can be compete as fast as a rabbit. When discipline is assumed it become second nature like a drill team of ten receiving cadence and marching as one with out unassigned commands, because the drill they performed is internalize to the point that their strategic management plan become and be one. This drill and march you reckoned is a march of second nature.

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