Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts and Santa Claus some people don’t see the forest for the trees. During certain part of the year gift giving has become so institutionalize that many of its followers and believers don’t even look at the substance and spirit of Christmas, but instead focus on the Gifts. It is the gift giving that has become commercialize.

Santa Claus is real as long as the spirit of giving stay real and alive. The idea of giving Christmas Gifts to your love ones and knot taking credit for giving any the gifts is profound. A very large percentage of us are selfish, greedy, corrupt, egotistical, biased, and unless you have psychological problems you understand that it is better to have a spirit of unconditional giving. Santa Claus and Gift giving represent unconditional Giving even on large gift items such as real estate listings.

The commercialization of Christmas competes and attempts to destroy the original spirit of giving, for example it begins when children become older and want other friends and family to give them Christmas gifts and they begin their bidding. The gift that they want is being advertised daily on the internet, TV, And Cable TV. They are not old enough or sophisticated enough to say no. Many of them who persuade their friends and family to give them the advertised gifts create a paradox similar to how individuals at a young age become addicted to drugs.

Society has become so technological and the complexities that come into reality like advertisements on TV, Internet, Cell phones and Cable TV 24 hours a day is like feeding children poisoning propaganda. Many of these advertisers even influence and in some instances dictate the type of programs that our children are watching. The old tradition of giving gifts without wanting anything in return has become convoluted to many people because of the commercialization. You have events like black Friday where individuals come out very early in the morning to get the most inexpensive products after Thanksgiving.

I don’t know which of the two it diminishes, the holidays or Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving represent the spirit of being thankful. If any holiday is representative of a culture for the the United States, it is Thanksgiving. The only organizations that put any effort into developing any strategic planning of the spirit of giving are Christian Religious Organizations such as Churches, but the Media and Shopping Stores are in cahoots to persuade large numbers of people to spend money. The spending of money seems in many instances is more important than the spirit of giving.

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