Poem about Three Brothers

We were three brothers and there were no others that made a presence on ground because of sound mine during the early years, one two three when we teed out of fantasy and then we grew to be free.

Our motto was one for one and all for one which became unspoken for all situations and provided justifications or creations for three us in family or other situations.

Brothers or siblings followed their Mothers and Dad’s rule, but some time they acted and decided to make their own tools as though Mom and Dad delegated the rule. The kind of behavior was guided through teasing and pleasing because Mom and Dad in a very few times did not see the forest for trees, but we as three took our own prerogative to cajole any of us that was spoiled by Mom and Dad serious and generous love. We did what we did not out of jealousy, but because of camaraderie.

We as three never disrespected any of our space in the vain of real estate listings, but we had an obligation to face each others demons, fears and challenges which may hurt and deface any of our dreams in our brains. Apart of that obligation was to build strong characters and to skirt all of the moral maladies. We as three tried to be strong with out any wrongs. We cried even if there were no tears. We ran and laughed together even if the story was not funny.

One example of the desire and the need for unity and love is when one of the three was punished for a deed or for a seed that was planted; it would not be suspicious for any of the others including me to say take me instead. Any of us would fall on the sword for any one of the three. You see how I must have felt shortly after receiving my own 1 Y classification and it seemed subsequent that my second brother was drafted to go to war and to fight because I submitted my Doctor’s ratification. I was unable to fight because of a health condition and if I would have only known I would not have submitted the Doctor’s ratification.

I did however the next best thing by protecting and shielding my youngest sibling in the spirit of all for one until my brother returned from protecting and securing our Countries National Interest and guarding Washington DC.

Now we are about thirty three years later and my sibling number two is deceased and gone to his final home coming but I still have the same thoughts in regard to Sibling number three which is in flesh number two is not with us but in my way of thinking we are still all for one. This is our realestate and and not over the hill but similar to Alexandre Dumas stood as three not only in our pajamas but always upon us.

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