Biofuels, alternative energy, solar energy, wind energy pose some fundamental questions about the environment and politics.

I am also concern with biofuels or ethanol energy source being anti poor and whether that is the strategic management objective. Even though fossil fuels have carbon but it does not compete with the food supply. There are some ethanols that supposedly does not directly complete with the food supply. Also it is a question of supply and demand and can this energy source exist with out government subsidies. The global society has become so complex and in order to properly evaluate any presented solution to a problem we must be fully aware of the motif. I think that the findings of the United Nations about the shrinking food supply and it being related to the increase use of ethanol is insightful. It also is related to whether housing listings are increasing or decreasing.

The source of this energy is carbohydrates which are fermented into alcohol. This type of fuel is called ethanol. Another non-food source of ethanol is cellulosic biomass which is derived from trees and grasses. The source of this will drive the price of housing up and will indirectly drive the cost of food up in price. If you use trees for ethanol you will be using one of the costly materials for new home construction which will cause cost increases for the cost of new home construction which will be another variable driving up the cost of housing and putting it out of range for the poor. Using grass for ethanol will also penalize the poor because it will allow ethanol fuel to compete for grazing grass that is used to feed livestock.

We got to be more committed to providing a world that is not indifferent to the needs of the poor. Many of the poor are highly educated and are caught in a maze that will not allow them to find solutions to their economic plight. Some of them have been discriminated against and prevented from exploiting various opportunities for success.

We have created a society that penalizes the poor and by making it almost impossible to escape their trappings. Ethanol is another trap that contributes to the poor’s suffering. It not only take food supply away from the poor, but it also take away the opportunity of charity. Charity is derived from surpluses and if ethanol create shortages then there is no need for charity. Fossil energy becomes the poor’s friends because it does not eat away at their food supply like biofuels.

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