BPO and Non-Ownership Interest

Any bpo utilizing the comparison approach which is essentially sold houses for sale and the professional must also consider the non-ownership interest in the properties because the property must be involve all for all and any lesser part decreases value. These non-ownership interest gives the possessor the right to use the property.

The value of the non-ownership interest are enhanced if the interest are transferable. The following are very common type of non-ownership interest:

Leasehold Estates. Gives the possessor temporary possession of estate, without title. This is a contractual relationship between tenant and landlord. The tenant pays rent.

Easements. The right to use another persons property for a particular purpse such as to use the property in the event that a particular property is landlocked and needs the adjacent property to access public roads. Another form of an easement is to use another property to gain access to waterways in order to fish.

Equitable Title. Property will be transferable in accord to a future date. This occurrence can be functional if a realtor writes a contract in behalf of a client which is signed off by seller or owner for the purchase of a property at a future date which is stated in the contract.

Life Estates. Exist as long as another person lives such as a property owned by an individual and who dies and he provides a place of residence through a life estate to a non-family member as long as she lives.

Dower. Statutory life estate to a spouse when a married person owns real property.

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