Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is a strategic management approach that environmentalist deeply believe and trust for cleaning the earth.

President Obama advocated his deep belief while pushing successful campaign for President forward. Al Gore is the true champion of the environmentalist movement. There are many alternative energy sources. Realestate goals of decreasing housing discrimination and redlining are seen as not as important. Finding real estate listings that are suitable for all Americans should be our number one goal.

During European medieval period coal was an alternative to wood which was the major and number one fuel. Whale oil was the dominant fuel for lamps during the 19th century which petroleum was introduced as an alternative. Early 1900s hundreds ethanol was presented as an alternative to coal and oil. Coal gasification has also been presented as an alternative to expensive imported oil. The groups who have in the past and presently argue for such change against the establishment have been and are called the environmentalists.

Environmentalists have deep minded philosophies about conservation, preservation, restoration and improvement of the natural environment. Since Barack Obama was elected as President solar energy use has increased by 33%. Also Wind turbine Maker Vestas has increased by 16%. The comparison that is being used is the Bush Administration.

Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States argues and links energy sources to global warming. He call it not a energy or political problem, but a human problem. He argues that the recent rash of floods, heat waves and storms to global warming.

Please evaluate some of the contemporary alternative energy sources:

Solar Energy

Converting heat from the sun into electricity with either a passive or active orientation. This utilizing photovoltaic panels and solar thermal to convert heat from the sun into electricity. Passive is orienting a building to the sun such as selecting proper materials, space and thermal mass.

Wind Energy

Using wind turbines to make electricity. Also using windmills, pumps and sails to convert make power.


Can be stored deep into the earth core such as 4,000 miles down as a source of energy.

Biofuel and Ethanol

Produced from agricultural feedstocks sugar cane, potato, grass.


Environmentaly cleaner fuel with far less pollutants because it would release less corbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Algae Fuel

Claim to yield more than 10 to 100 times energy per unity than other second generation biofuels.

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