Strategic Management And Strategic Planning To Problem Solve

The presentation of information from a macro point of view (heavy emphasis and a focus on business and government with in the United States) will be premised upon decision making and manipulation which are methods of observing how individuals and groups confronts power, influence, authority, force and non-decision making. Also the major driving force in the founding of our country, United States of America evolved from racism, slavery and with a strategic planning point of view to electing the First African American President, Barack Obama in 2008 and it is directly related to minorities along with the poor making decisions about purchasing realestate through real estate listings.

It is my strategic planning goal from a micro point of view in this website to also present a personnel manual or employee handbook that addresses most employment issues and take away power from irrational decision making. It is my goal to utilize my experience in organizational behavior to provide answers and question to the employed and unemployed. Strategic Management and strategic planning from a conceptual, mental frame that is derived out of concrete reality pushes towards operationally defining goals and objectives in a manner that consider human and fiscal resources such as employees, realestate, properties or facilities, revenues and profits that are the parameters of most organizations similar to Remax finding or selling housing or Housing Management Companies maintain the facilities that minorities and the poor lives. Also my concern is unfair housing practices that has occurred and many strategic management type approaches to avoid such practices.

Also along with my experiences I want to contribute my observations and my many hours of participation in jobs or positions that have added to my strategic management background as a professional and volunteer from the perspective of government and business in the following ways:

1. University Professor for over 11 years,
2. Director of a community services non-profit,
3. University Board Trustee,
4. Local School Board Consultant,
5. Facility Planner for an office of facility management,
6. Director of Facility Management for a governmental agency,
7. Director of Human Resources for a non-profit,
8. Senior Loan Officer for a loan brokerage firm,
9. Licensed Realtor in MD, and inactive in DC,
10. inactive Licensed Real Estate Appraiser in MD,
11. Board Member of a non-profit,
12. Volunteer,
13. Masters of Public Administration Degree, and
14. Bachelors of Arts Degree.

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The above does not convey the many volunteer hours and experience that may have caused benefits which probably have contributed more to my positive character growth than paying positions. I would like to present an example of one of my volunteering experiences that that made me a better person from a business perspective. Even though it was not my business but out of the love of my heart to be scientifically correct I formulated a strategic planning goal for success.

A well known housing management company businessman unsuccessfully instructed his most senior managers over a two year period to remove all litter and furniture from a 210 unit apartment building. The project owner’s goal was also to ascertain insurance for the property so that a prospective buyer could purchase it as section 8 housing project. In order to achieve this goal he delegated duties to his staff to identify all units that contained debris and trash. Upon identifying the units that were possible fire hazards the staffs responsibilities were to remove the debris from the units and then from the project. These simple delegations of duties were not adhered to subsequent to my involvement and until I formulated or implemented my strategic planning concerning this realestate project.

Upon the failure of his senior managers to accomplish these tasks, the businessman asked me to intervene and resolve these problems.

Once I observed and verified their work habits or performances along with assessments of the staff and managers, I implemented through strategic-planning a very successful hr, procurement and action plan as follows: 1. Identified all units that work crews were working.
2. Received information about completion of all units completion.
3. Inspected all units that were completed.
4. Identified a dumping area for all Debris and trashed removed from units.
5. Identified Companies to deliver and remove dumpsters for removing of all trash and debris.
Once the plan of action was implemented and accomplished the insurance was procured within two months.

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